About Us

Welcome! If you are interested in keeping your family healthy, naturally, and in helping others to take charge of their own health, you are in the right place!

Whether your current title is Health Coach, Wellness Advocate, Advisor, Promoter, Ambassador, Nutritional Consultant, Traditional Naturopath, Drugless Practitioner, Chiropractor, Doctor Of Natural Medicine, Board Certified Naturopath, or another name, I am here to help you grow your practice, and help more people!

All of my courses and e-books can be purchased and studied independently, and at the end of a few hours, you will have a better understanding of the practice, and the forms needed to implement it into your life or business.

I pride myself in my simplified, down-to-earth teaching method that will make even the most misunderstood remedies and practices easy to understand.

Join me for a class, or two, and see how easy it is to grow your MLM or Coaching business today! -Doc T

I thought it would be nice to share my Profile Of Women in Business from our sister site:

Profile: Terri J Stovall, ND