I have used a Castor Oil Pack three or four times over the last couple of decades.

It’s not that it really makes a mess or anything that prevents me from using one more often, it is just one of those things that you forget about that can fall by the wayside, if you don’t work to keep it top of mind.

I first heard of the Castor Oil Pack when reading an Edgar Cayce book that a client had given me. I next read about it in some Hulda Clark writings. I respect the works of both Cayce, and Clark, so I hold their scientific and medical opinions in high regard.

There are numerous reasons for using a Castor Oil Pack, but I suppose that before getting into a few of thos3, I should explain what a Castor Oil Pack is, and what materials that you will need to make one.

Gather your supplies befor3 your evening bath, and have everything ready for when you get out, and your Body is still warm.

You will need:

2-3 full sized towels
Plastic wrap
Castor Oil-Organic and/or hexane free
A few folds of a clean piece of wool flannel-about a 24” x 24” piece would be ideal, folded up into about an 8” Square.
Heating pad-optional

Prepare your bed by laying one of the full sized towels where you lay at night. Cross another towel, T-style, about where your waste will hit.

Float your Castor Oil in a bowl of hot water to warm it.

Put your folded flannel into a bowl, and cover it completely with the warm castor oil. Place the bowl on your heating pad, and cover with the other towel, while you bathe.

You can wear underwear, or not, but they are very likely to get castor oil on them, as will anything else that comes into direct contact with you during the night. Most people just do it naked.

Anyway, have your heating pad (on medium low) and the castor oil soaked flannel at your bedside, and sit on the edge of your bed. Pull out a length of the plastic wrap, long enough to go about 1 1/2 times around your body, and go ahead and hold it with your left hand (reverse if left-handed) at your belly button area, then wrap it around your back until it makes it to your other side.

You will need to lay back on the towels slightly as you place the castor oil saturated flannel on the right side of your abdomen. Continue wrapping the plastic wrap around a couple more times (not too tight) to hold the pack in place, and to keep castor oil from getting on everything that you own.

Lay on the towels, and cross the center towel over your abdomen and the castor oil pack. Place the heating pad over the towel, then the other towel over the heating pad. Pull on your covers and relax.

Now, here’s the fun part. You need to leave it on for a minimum of 45 minutes, 2 hours is optimal, if you aren’t leaving it on all night. I have always left mine on all night. The Castor Oil is actually mostly absorbed by morning, which is amazing, since it seems so thick and sticky when applying it. The choice is yours on this one, and no worries if you throw off the heating pad after a couple of hours, you are still going to benefit from the pack.

Some people wrap other areas of the body and claim to get miraculous benefits. Castor oil packs are often used on the knees or other joints, and are even said to bring much relief to feminine cramps and discomfort.

The method I described above, however, is said to increase your Immune system through aiding the liver in detoxifying your blood.

A sluggish liver can cause quite a few symptoms, such as:

Bloating after meals.
Food cravings.
Fatigue and bags under your eyes.
Difficulty focusing and concentrating.
Mood swings.
Itchy skin and allergy symptoms.
Insomnia-trouble falling and staying asleep.
Angry and mad all of the time.

The liver is said to be the seat of anger in the body, and those with a sluggish liver are said to get mad easily, and hold onto anger and resentment. That alone is reason enough to try a Castor Oil Pack, if you ask me.

I always sleep like a baby after I do a Castor Oil Pack, and wake up with a lot more energy. Now that I’m thinking about it, I guess we all know what I’m doing tonight!

I have used both the Aura Cacia Organic Castor Oil and cut up an old flannel shirt, and bought the Heritage Kit. The kit is easier, and only costs a few dollars more, and comes with those handy-dandy wipes to help clean up some of the Castor Oil. I will put my Amazon Affiliates link below for you to check out.

If you try it, let me know how it goes! -T
Heritage Castor Oil Pack Kit detox liver


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